27 Best Online Furniture Stores UK 2024: Where to buy furniture

What we’re buying:

Conran Shop Fold Out 2-Seater Sofa

Gabriel Tan for TCS Monument Bar Cabinet


  • Reasons to shop: Great statement items

Anthropologie might be best known for its fashion and gifting, but it’s actually one of the best furniture stores on the market for unique statement pieces. With a collection that expands from homeware and dinnerware all the way to larger items like dining tables, wardrobes and beds, it’s actually got a surprisingly expansive range of design styles and aesthetics on show, most of which feel like they have plenty of character and their own story to bring to the home, despite the fact you bought them brand new. We’d suggest exploring here for accent chairs, larger, bolder tables, colourful cabinetry, and even for some of our favourite lighting options on the market at the moment. Shop the full collection at anthropologie.com

What we’re buying:

Anthropologie Pisces Oak Wood Six Drawer Dresser

Anthropologie Woven Rag Rug Accent Chair


  • Reasons to shop: Affordable prices

With a 50-year heritage, Habitat produces original designs that are both affordably priced and crafted with high-quality materials. The retailer takes inspiration from global furniture trends, so you’ll find a range of different pieces to fall in love with while keeping to your budget. Its latest collections focus on how to bring more colour into your home, with items such as the Eleise rug. Shop the full collection at habitat.co.uk

What we’re buying:

Habitat Roma Velvet Fabric Chairbed

Habitat Nalone Arc Floor Lamp

Feather & Black

  • What we’re buying: Feather & Black’s vintage-inspired bed frames are really doing it for us this year.
  • Reasons to shop: Elegant, refined aesthetic.

Bedrooms are by far the most intimate and personal room you’ll decorate in your home, so it’s worth finding specific furniture stores that really capture the kind of style you’re hoping to reflect. And this is where Feather & Black comes in. A real winner if you’re after a bed frame, a chest of drawers or even some new bedding to spruce the place up a bit, it covers a range of styles and aesthetics and comes in at a pretty good price point too given the quality. Shop the full collection at featherandblack.com

What we’re buying:

Feather & Black Oliver Bed

Feather & Black x Harrison Spinks Bennett Mattress


  • Reasons to shop: More sustainable

Ebay has been slowly expanding its furniture offerings in recent years, selling both direct from retailers, as well as with a focus on secondhand furniture. If you’re looking specifically for second-hand buys, you’ll be able to find some unique statement pieces, mostly sold at highly affordable prices. Shop the full collection at ebay.co.uk

Furniture shopping FAQs

When’s the best time of year to buy furniture?

Furniture shopping isn’t always friendly to your bank balance, naturally, because most pieces you’ll be looking for are major investments. The trick? Knowing when the best furniture sales are. Normally, the biggest sale periods for most items tend to fall around the Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales periods, making that a great time to look out for mattress deals, or to get a good discount on something larger like a dining table. Plenty of brands also regularly have clearance sales towards the end of each season, meaning you can look to invest in garden furniture towards the end of the summer, and might find a better deal on cosier, more homely items as we head into spring.

Where do people buy furniture in the UK?

While there are plenty of great markets, antique stores and vintage furniture stores in the UK, if you’re after something quite specific or a new piece, shopping for furniture online can often be your best bet. In the UK, there’s now a wide range of retailers available to shop from, and your budget, your personal style preferences, and whether you’re looking for large pieces like bed frames, dining tables and mattresses, or smaller bits like rugs, wall art, and desk lamps, will really determine the best places to shop. We’ve included a comprehensive list of furniture stores below, as well as some detailed insights into what you should look to them for.

What should you consider when shopping for furniture?

When you’re looking for good furniture stores, there are a few important things to take into account. Furniture should be an investment, so shopping for high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than just ones that will tap into a year-long trend, is going to mean you get the best value for your money and won’t need to redecorate every time the trends change. You’ll also want to think about the style of your home and whether it suits more contemporary or traditional designs, as well as whether you’re looking for neutral minimalist pieces or more colourful, bold statements. It’s also worth considering how sustainably the furniture has been produced and sourced, something you can normally find out quite easily on most websites.


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