Interior design tips to help you redesign your living room, den

Whether it’s called a living room, family room, or great room, these spaces are typically the largest areas of a home and have a big impact on the rest of a home’s look and feel. Kristen Pawlak of KP Designs/Decorating Den Interiors designed the following Louisville-area living rooms to help different homeowners attain their aesthetic goals.

Looking for light

Painting the wainscotting — which used to match the exposed wood beams — dramatically lightened the space in this redesigned living room in Louisville.

This Middletown home needed an update to bring their 80s abode to the present day. “They really wanted to make (it) a lot more modern and lightened up,” Pawlak said.

To help achieve this, she incorporated lighter carpeting and painted the wainscoting, which was originally the same color as the exposed wood beams. The built-ins also used to match the beams — but Pawlak lightened those as well.


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