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SUPERIOR — A locally-based interior design company, Affordable Decorating, is open for business.

Owner Coleen Grooms brings more than 15 years of design experience to the table. The entrepreneur transforms homes, cabins and business spaces.

“It’s my passion to help people. You know when people go to the office every day you look at their walls and there’s nothing on there. It should really fire up your brain. Your environment should be something that really inspires you,” said Grooms, who lives in the town of Amnicon.

Her own office, located in a suite at the Superior Entrepreneurship Center, 1401 Tower Ave., is pulled together by the colorful rug on the floor.

“I really thought, ‘I’m gonna go an explosion of color’ because I think people are so afraid of color they stay neutral … it should be inspiring, and these are the colors that make me happy,” Grooms said.

The blue walls, orange accent pillows, pearlescent mirror frame, green plants and repurposed pink chair reflect the rainbow hues underfoot. Grooms has been putting her stamp on the space since she moved in last May with the help of a Wisconsin Main Street Bounceback grant.

The business owner puts the same ideas to work when designing home living spaces, with an eye toward their end result — resale value or comfort for years to come.

“Color should inspire, it should make you feel warm and cozy. Or it should get you out of the bed and make you want to just get up and run. Colors all play that role in our lives,” said Grooms, who grew up in Superior.

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Affordable Decorating owner Coleen Grooms holds the back of a chair she repurposed in her office space at 1401 Tower Ave. in the Superior Entrepreneurship Center on Friday, March 10, 2023. She focused the room’s colors off the brightly patterned rug on the floor, from the blue on the walls to the green plant accents.

Maria Lockwood / Superior Telegram

Whether customers have a budget that includes custom furniture or one that relies on mixing, matching and repurposing current pieces, Grooms can help them find their palette.

“I call my company affordable simply because it should not cost a fortune to have a nice design,” she said. “I think everybody should have a nice look without spending a fortune.”

Functional furniture is one of her mantras. Before purchasing a coffee table, for example, know what it will be used for. If it’s for resting feet on, an ottoman might be a better choice. Editing is part of the process, as well.

“Most people need me for editing. I walk in and there’s so much stuff everywhere, you know, you just can’t see. So a lot of times it’s like, all right, let’s just put all this stuff away. Let’s see how we can regroup it functionally,” Grooms said.

Often, people will ask what they should do with a piece of furniture that’s been handed down through generations.

“You know what, if it doesn’t serve you, don’t feel like you have to keep it,” Grooms said. “Your furniture is there to serve you. Your furniture is there for you. If it no longer fits, pass it on.”

Affordable Design offers a slate of services — interior design, home staging, furniture repurposing, custom florals and accessories, and more.

“I do a lot of consultation. I do a lot of shopping for clients, customizing furniture, helping them buy furniture,” Grooms said.

It often starts with one room, one color.

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Affordable Decorating owner Coleen Grooms points out items that trace their colors back to the rug on the floor of her office at 1401 Tower Ave. on Friday, March 10.

Maria Lockwood / Superior Telegram

“You need to start with something that you can pull in. I mean, I got this rug and I pulled up the blues. So sometimes I design a room with a pillow. This is their favorite color. I’ll build the whole room around that pillow,” Grooms said.

The important thing, she said, is to have a plan.

In addition to homes, the Superior design company can work with commercial clients.

“The colors you use in your office or your business should support the brand that you’re trying to build,” Grooms said, as should the furniture. “It should tell the story of who they are without words.”

Call 913-424-2366 or email

[email protected]

for more information or to set up a consultation.

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Coleen Grooms, owner of Affordable Decorating, discusses interior design techniques in her office space at 1401 Tower Ave., the Superior Entrepreneurship Center, on Friday, March 10.

Maria Lockwood / Superior Telegram

032123.N.ST.Decorating w Kelly.JPG

Coleen Grooms, owner of Affordable Decorating, left, talks with Kelly Peterson, executive director of the Superior Business Improvement District, in the Affordable Decorating office at 1401 Tower Ave., the Superior Entrepreneurship Center, on Friday, March 10.

Maria Lockwood / Superior Telegram


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