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Business Schools Are Adding AI Education for Future CEOs

Artificial intelligence use is popping up in all kinds of businesses — from customer service chatbots to face-recognition technology at venues and stadiums to fast-food ordering systems’ drive-thrus. So it’s…

Most Fortune 500 CEOs didn’t attend Ivy League colleges

Since 1999, David Kang has pursued a peculiar hobby. That year, after Fortune released its annual Fortune 500 issue, Kang began to wonder about where chief executives of companies on…

This Business School Offers The Chance To Pitch Your Ideas To CEOs During Your MBA

Gaining practical experience during your MBA can prepare you for life after graduation, while pitching to CEOs will help you become boardroom ready Studying an MBA can have a large…

Are MBAs doing enough to equip tomorrow’s CEOs for purpose beyond profit?

At business schools worldwide, topics on sustainability, climate risk and income inequality are popping up in MBA programs, with new content, certificates and research. Laudable, say youth activists, sustainable business…