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  • In 2023, Questions of Survival in Business and Politics

In 2023, Questions of Survival in Business and Politics

Comment on this story Comment What to expect in 2023In global business, the coming year will be all about back to basics. Over the past decade, businesspeople have allowed themselves…

Politics and Pandemic Fatigue Doom California’s Covid Vaccine Mandates

By Rachel Bluth SACRAMENTO — In January, progressive California Democrats vowed to adopt the toughest covid vaccine requirements in the country. Their proposals would have required most Californians to get…

California Politics: At legislative halftime, bills worth watching in Sacramento

Members of the California Legislature will take the Memorial Day holiday weekend to recover from long sessions in Sacramento this week to conclude the first half of their legislative business…

How Disney and DeSantis clashed over power and policy, and what it means for business and politics in Florida

It was both a slow burn and a rapid firestorm that engulfed the Magic Kingdom in Florida politics and the national culture war. Disney — an entertainment giant that’s almost…