This Family Room Design by Lulu Home Is Cool and Calm

The design team behind Lulu Home, Alana Irwin and Cami Luppino, were tasked with creating a space for a family of four (with two young children, both under 8 years old) that they could entertain in, had ample seating in, but also not be too precious for little hands.

“This family room is multifunctional as it serves as a place to entertain, but also is casual and the perfect spot for family movie nights,” says Luppino.

The space, which is roughly 40 feet by 30 feet in size, was empty when the homeowners moved in. The first step was to strip the floors and bleach them, so they are light and bright. The fireplace was also resurfaced, the built-ins were designed, and then furnishings were selected.

family room entryway

The color palette was kept neutral, for the most part, with pops of color used in the accessories.

“We love the pops of blue which keep the room vibrant without being over saturated with color, which clients can get tired of,” says Irwin. “We aimed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a palette centered around blue accents. We chose a neutral base of warm grays and creams to establish a timeless backdrop. By incorporating blue in accent pieces, we allowed for flexibility in refreshing the room’s look over time without a major overhaul.”

coffee table

The sectional and the coffee table are the stars of the room. “The sectional is from Thayer Coggin,” says Luppino. “We selected the sofa as it has clean lines, stays firm without looking messy, and the best part is, it’s really comfortable.”

“We aimed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a palette centered around blue accents.”
— Alana Irwin

Like with all spaces, this comes with it its own challenges. In this case, it was coming up with a floor plan that incorporates all the seating requested by the homeowner. “We did this by custom making the coffee table and the ottomans so we could control the sizing,” says Luppino. “They neatly tuck into the table yet are easy to pull out for extra seating when needed.”

To add even more seating, the team also added a longer bench that tucks under the console that can be moved over during gatherings, as needed.

For storage, the team incorporated built-ins and filled them with interesting objects incorporating the blue palette into the mix.

The art was commissioned. “It is an original piece from Holly Adi, and we were able to select the colors which we married to our fabric elements,” says Luppino. “Then [we] chose a light oak frame that paired well with the newly refinished floors.”

modern cool family room

Design Details and Tips

A Floor Plan Is a Must

“The most common mistakes we see are ignoring the layout of the room,” says Irwin. “It is crucial to plan, measure, and create a floor plan before any furniture is ordered.”

Underestimating Lighting

Homeowners often underestimate lighting needs in a room. “Inadequate lighting can impact the ambience,” says Irwin. “We always ensure lighting is a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting.” She says they also see a lot of homeowners using harsh bulbs in overhead lighting. She suggests a color temperature of 2700.

Performance Fabric

The team says performance fabrics have come a long way in recent years and are excellent when you have a high-traffic area, pets, or children. “The high-tech fabrics offer durability and functionality while maintaining a stylish aesthetic,” says Irwin. “This allows us to pick the desired color scheme for the space without compromising the aesthetic.”

sectional and coffee table

Customization Is Key

The team said they love the option of choosing a custom piece when standard options do not work. “For example, if our clients love a dining table, however the only finish available is black and the desire is a light option, we often will custom-make the piece,” says Irwin. “Custom-making furniture not only allows us flexibility with stain finishes, but also with sizing and lead times. Our clients are also pleasantly surprised to find that custom does not mean more money.”

What Every Family Room Needs

“We love plush yet practical in our family rooms,” says Luppino. “We aim for everyone to have a comfy spot with a layout that fosters togetherness. Balancing these aspects ensures a family room that not only looks inviting, but also caters to the practical needs of everyday living.”

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